Quote of the year:
‘We’ve found the perfect place for your picture in the kitchen. It looks brilliant there. It meant we had to move the Hockney, but that’s ok!’ T & J R

Open Studios comments:
‘Gorgeous work – brightens the day!’ SC

‘Wonderful creative work’ GW

‘What a lovely surprise!’ MT

‘You don’t suffer from depression do you!’ OG

‘Inventive and vibrant. Reflective of an interesting life!’ AD

‘Lovely to see such freely executed and beautiful work. Well done!’ H & D D

‘I’m more than ever struck by the web-like lines/borders and how they play different games, e.g. ‘Caught’ and ‘Holding the Moon’ have similar nets but one imprisons and the other supports, while in ‘Wake Up you Flying Bird’ the bird might fly free if it wakes up in time, or maybe the entanglement is an illusion here. Maybe these are just branches.
And in making those judgements I see the importance of the titles, which direct the way we look and see. I also like the way some pictures wipe out the nets/borders, like ‘Glaciers Melting’ & ‘Cyclone’. The nervous systems, roadways, fences, nets, string bags, sinews of the earth, drown, are blown away. Apocalyptic. Wow!’ DP (Arts Centre Director)