There are quite a few phrases that I can’t stand. One is ‘going forward’ which indicates that the speaker is on ‘robotspeak’. Another is ‘these people’ which makes it obvious that there’s a total absence of empathy. But a quite innocent one invaded my brain this morning, as I walked in the deep leaves in Kirkdale. It was ‘spending time in Nature’ – a phrase which comes to us from across the Atlantic where the power of ‘nature’ is a recent discovery.

Nevertheless taking a walk in Kirkdale was a reconnection.

We are nature. Everything we do in our houses and in our town is us demonstrating the sort of ‘nature’ we are. Getting the wellies on and getting outside however takes us back to a time of relative innocence.

I knew I would find some small thing to make this morning special. There were some yellow leaves with elegant indentations, but not one particular one that asked to be taken home. Then in the middle of the saturated grass I found a tiny white feather. Its exquisite form made me want to pick it up, and its accusing subtext made me feel sad that it had taken so long to get back in touch. It also said ‘welcome home’.

This is the sort of blog that someone I know would quickly classify as ‘tosh’, and I would tend to agree with him. However there are times when ‘tosh’ is what you need.